Monday, March 23, 2009

Off to Madang!

When we went to Madang last August with Brittany and Sam, we drove....nine, long hours...twisty, bumpy roads....! Dad requested if we go to Madang, that we fly, so with just a couple miracles, we were off on Friday morning the 13th. It was a beautiful flight with MAF and their little caravan plane. We got to Madang, at the coast of PNG in just a 40 minute flight.
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Hart4Missions said...

WHAT.....40 minntues???? That's not far.....but honestly I would give up those 9.....well 18 hours we had in that car :)!!!! I learned a lot on Pidgen in that car, ha-ha like how to say my butt hurts ;)!!!!

Andy and Judy said...

We are using this picture in our presentation! Its beautiful!