Sunday, January 4, 2009

At the Market

Mt Hagen market is a sight to see. If you come to visit, we will definitely take you there. Hundreds and hundreds of produce vendors selling their freshly picked, organic fruits and vegetables all at great prices. I always run out of strength to carry my bags before I run out of money.

Saturday, the Dooley 5 headed to Hagen, had lots of errands and the market was right before lunch. Scott, Allison and Emma got the honor of going in the market, while Livy and I were dripping sweat in the cruiser.

Upon returning to the car, Scott had about 20 cucumbers! I thought, "wow, he must be hungry for cucumbers!" As he got in, he told me what happened. An older lady ran-literally-(and it is hard to run in the market) up to him, hugging him, thanking him, crying "Doctor! Doctor! Thank you so much! I brought my daughter, (let's call her Sarah) to the hospital and she had suddenly became paralyzed. Sarah could not look after her new baby, I was doing everything for Sarah and my grandchild. You gave her medicine and now she is absolutely fine" The lady pointed down the aisle and there was Sarah, tears streaming down her face, holding a baby, selling cucumbers. Scott was very humble and gave all of the glory to God as he accepted the cucumbers.

As we eat them for lunch today, we will remember Sarah's miracle and God's hand on our lives every day. My New Year's resolution is to minister to the people that God puts in front of me.

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Team Australia said...

Wow- praise God! Thanks for sharing this humbling story. Give my love to the girls!
~ Alison